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Bicycle Engine Kits

Our bicycle engine kits include everything you will need to convert any regular 26" single speed or multi speed mountain bike into a motorized bike. When you want to engage the engine, simply pedal up to a jogging speed and release the hand clutch (much like jump starting a car). To stop the engine, press the kill switch and pedal normally. There's no rope pulling or complex equipment needed, but a pull start module is optional. The twist grip hand throttle controls speeds anywhere up to (and beyond) 50kph, depending on riding conditions. The chain drive ensures constant power to the rear wheel, and a long lifespan, unlike many belt or friction drive kits, and does not interfere with your existing pedals or bicycle chain. The entire kit weighs little over 20lbs, allowing most bicycles to stay at a comfortable weight for transportation.

We offer a wide variety of replacement parts to keep your engine in top running condition. For the backyard (or licensed) mechanic, we also offer upgrade performance parts to get the most out of your ZoomBicycles engine kit, whether you are looking to climb steep hills, or want a faster cruising speed.

What do I need to put my motorized bike together?
1. Requires basic mechanics and simple tools (any mechanical experience always helps!)
2. It takes about a few hours to install while using easy to follow detailed instructions (which can be downloaded by clicking here: Installation Guide or by copying and pasting this URL link into your browser: If you are unable to download or access the file, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to email a copy over to you directly.

What type of bicycles with these engines fit on?
The engine requires a clearance of at least 15 inches in height on the seat tube (the part of the frame under the seat) and 14-15 inches in length on the down tube (the diagonal part of the frame), and it is approximately 5 inches wide. To help with determining whether or not the engine will fit in your frame, we have prepared a template for the engine which can be found by clicking here: Engine Template or by copying and pasting this URL link into your browser:

We recommend installing these kits on bicycles with a 1 inch diameter seat tube and with a 1-1.25 inch diameter on the down tube. We have a gallery available on our website and you'll be able to view a selection of bicycles that these engines have been installed on.